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PGCMLS Strategic Plan 2017

Photo of Young library users. Opportunity Imagined header.

Prince George’s County Memorial Library System helps customers discover and define opportunities that shape their lives. The Library’s 2017 Strategic Plan supports this through strategic pathways mirroring Prince George’s County broader community and educational goals. These pathways position the Library as a technology connector, a hub of early literacy through Ready2Read, and a center of skills development.

Planning Approach

The Library employed a customer-centric planning model. It utilized three principal data streams: a comprehensive demographic analysis of the community, an analysis of current customer trends, and customer, stakeholder, and staff surveys.

Active  Cardholders by  Council District  (Q3 2015)

This showed the Library stands deeply ingrained in the county. Ongoing analysis estimates 42% of the county’s households have at least one active library card. This means the Library touches some 123,879 households in Prince George’s County.

Customer, stakeholder, and staff surveys revealed striking similarities in how these audiences viewed the community. Based on this finding, the Library identified three critical strategic pathways to help the community meet its greatest challenges.


Service Area Penetration

Customer Survey

Strategic Pathways

Tech Connect Ready 2 Read Learning U
Tech Connect Ready 2 Read Learning U
Outcome Prince George’s County
Memorial Library System
links customers to the
digital world.
Ready 2 Read prepares
children and families
to learn.
Prince George’s County
Memorial Library System
enables customers to
develop work-ready and
personal skills.
Targeted Customers

The Library created strategic pathways to address the needs of its customers.

It defines customers by how they utilize the library and their associated needs.

Bedtime Stories: Borrow
children’s materials and
attend children’s activities
Bright Futures: Teens using
the library as a destination
and a source of print materials
Digitarians: Borrow eBooks X X X

Dining In: Use the library as a

destination to study or work


Occasionals: Customers
who have used the Library
during the past year, but not
within the past 12 weeks


Page Turners: Borrow
adult print


Staying Connected:
Use a library computer


Success. Measured.

The Library’s 2017 strategic plan includes five
success measures.

The participation measures seek to build a broad-based utilization of the library across the county. These measures involve three key metrics:

  • Market Penetration increases to 55 percent
  • Consistently positive net promoter scores (65 or above)
  • Expand customers’ digital utilization and skills

Education measures focus on the areas of highest need. The Library’s two educational measures include:

  • Increase circulation of children’s materials in areas with a high risk index
  • Increase Ready 2 Read program attendance in areas with a high risk index

Market Penetration Goal

Expanding Access, Leveraging Value

LINK connects more than 130,000 Prince George’s County Public School students with the Library’s vast resources. Students may
use their ID cards to access a wide variety of services. This partnership with the Prince
George’s County Public Schools serves as an example of the Library’s efforts to expand access

to the community and increase market penetration. Best of all, it facilitates access by eliminating fines of overdue books, a barrier
to usage by many school students. The Library seeks two outcomes through this effort: improved academic performance and development of lifelong learners.

LINK logo