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From Pillaged by the Nazis to Protected by the Allies

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All Ages
Saturday, September 27, 2014 - 2:00pm

75 years ago, World War II began when Hitler unleashed his armed forces upon Poland. Within two years, Hitler's army had overrun almost all of Europe, and wherever they went, his henchmen followed, plundering art and other treasures of any value.  By the middle of 1944, Nazi Germany began to crumble from the onslaught of Allied forces, and concerns began to rise about returning those stolen properties to their rightful owners. The Bowie Library will observe those efforts with two programs. On Saturday, September 27, Dr. Michael Kurtz, historian, archivist, and professor from the University of Maryland will visit the Bowie Branch Library to discuss his research on the historical background of the recovery of European cultural heritage at the end of World War II. But first, on September 10, the Bowie Book Discussion Group will talk  about the best seller "Monuments Men" by Robert Edsel, from which the recent and popular movie was drawn. Joining this discussion also will be Dr. Kurtz, who will share his expertise, with the book discussion participants. Please join us as the Bowie Branch commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the Start of World War II. 


Hitler and Nazis View Art(Image found at, Lynn Nicholas Collection/Agon Arts & Entertainment)

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