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75th Anniversary of Marian Anderson’s Lincoln Memorial Concert

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All Ages
Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 2:00pm

In 1939, the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to have the renowned opera singer Marian Anderson sing at Constitution Hall.  Incensed, First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, resigned her membership and used her leverage with the President to have the National Park Service host a concert at the Lincoln Memorial.  The concert took place on Easter Sunday, April 9, 1939, and was broadcast live coast to coast on NBC.  Americans were exposed to a major operatic talent, and as a result, the barriers of segregation began to break down.  Concert halls everywhere soon vied for her presence on their stages, and an African American was now able to appear in major venues previously available only to white Americans.  Please plan to be at the Bowie Branch Library on Saturday, April 12, when Taylor Robinson of Woodstream Academy will reenact this historic event to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Marian Anderson’s Lincoln Memorial Concert.