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Tax Forms

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Free Tax Filing

Logo for My Free Taxes WebsiteDid you know that you can file a free federal and state return if your income in 2014 was $60,000 or less?

To e-file your 2014 tax return or other electronic forms, you must verify your identity with your Self-Select PIN or Adjusted Gross Income from your 2013 tax return. Electronic Filing PIN Request

Once you have your electronic filing PIN, click below to file your return with MyFreeTaxes. FILE MyFreeTaxes

Have a QUESTION while you are preparing your return? Certified tax coaches can help

By Phone: 855-698-9435 OR By email:

Assistors will be answering questions from Monday-Saturday 9 – 9 PM

*Questions are answered in the order that they are received

**Responses are provided within 24 hours; more complex questions may require additional research.

You can also check out these helpful links:

Federal Income Tax Forms & Information    

Library branches only receive a limited amount of forms from the Internal Revenue Service.

Please visit the IRS website for Federal tax forms and information.

Maryland Income Tax Forms & Information

The Comptroller of Maryland is NO LONGER supplying libraries with Maryland tax forms. This change is the result of mandated budget reductions.

Please visit the Comptroller of Maryland website for Maryland state tax forms and information.

Other State Income Tax Forms & Information

Please visit the Federation of Tax Administrators website for tax forms and information for other states.