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Suggest a Purchase

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We welcome your suggestions for titles that you would like to find at the library. Please provide us with as much information as possible below. Our librarians will carefully consider each suggestion in accordance with many factors including but not limited to budget, availability, space, and the scope of the collection.

Suggestions are reviewed daily, Monday - Friday, and items selected for purchase usually appear in the catalog within four weeks.

Due to high volume, we are unable to respond individually to each suggestion.

Items selected for purchase usually appear in the catalog within four weeks, at which time you can place a request. If you need assistance placing a request for an on-order item, then please contact your local library branch.

Please note: for specialized, technical, or out-of-print materials, you may wish to consider using Interlibrary Loan, a cooperative borrowing agreement among libraries. If you need help using this service, then please contact your local branch.

This service is intended for the use of library customers and is not for solicitations or other commercial purposes. (Information for Local Authors)

Please note: we cannot accept requests earlier than 2 months before a publication date.