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How to Make a Meeting Room Reservation

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Beginning at the Meeting Rooms Page, review the policy and click on the ‘I ACCEPT’ link to the Room Reservation Calendar.

  • Viewing the Calendar:  The Room Reservation System’s calendar is set in ‘Day’ as the default view, but you can choose the week or month view, for a broader range of available dates and times.

Tip: For better results, please check only one room at a time.

  • Selecting a Room:  The rooms available, and the capacity of each room, at each branch are listed in the left column.  The system displays the schedule for the current date for the first room on the selection list, so please make sure that the desired room is the one selected.

Tip: If the checked room is not the same as the displayed room in the Room name in the header of the Time Selection table, click on ‘Refresh’.

  • Selecting a Date:  Click on the calendar, or use the drop down list or arrows to select an alternate month in the current calendar year. The selected date is displayed next to the room name in the header of the ‘Time Selection Table’.
  • Time Selection: Select a time by clicking the check boxes associated with desired time, (set-up time, meeting time, and takedown time should all be included in the requested time.) If your reservation covers more than two time slots, click the start time and end time. The system will mark everything in between.  Room use that exceeds four hours will include the extra charge.

Tip: The system generates an error message if there is an attempt to select a time frame that exceeds the maximum time allowed for that particular meeting/conference room.

  • Filling out the Reservation Form: After selecting the desired Meeting/Conference Room, Date, and Times, click ‘CONTINUE’ to fill out a Reservation Request form.

Skip the Library Card requirement (this field may be activated in the future), and fill out all the required information, beginning with the number of attendees.  Please be sure to complete all required (*) fields.

Tip: The system will not allow an incomplete reservation to be verified or submitted, so please complete all required fields.

  • Verify Request:  At the end of the Reservation Form, the system verifies the completeness of the reservation and displays the completed reservation request for review. Please review the Reservation Form to ensure that all information is correct.
  • Complete the reservation request: click on ‘SUBMIT REQUEST’ to save the reservation to the calendar, or click ‘CANCEL’ to close the Reservation Form without saving. The system returns to the Room Request page.  Proceed with a new reservation or use the tool bar to select another function. If you wish to make another booking, click on ‘ANOTHER REQUEST’, which allows the user to return to the Room Request Page to make another reservation with the same contact information. The system copies the previous reservation form as a template for the new reservation. The only difference between the previous and new Reservation Form is the date, time and room.
  • Select the Credit Card payment method. 

Note: When a reservation is successfully submitted, the system posts the reservation to the calendar and displays the confirmation. The system e-mails a copy of the request to the e-mail address shown on the Reservation Form. Although this requested time is blocked off on the calendar, it is important for customers to remember that this is still a ‘request’. A system administrator will review your reservation and send you a formal confirmation(using the contact information provided) after payment has been accepted.  Your credit card is not charged until the reservation is accepted.  There are no refunds made for room reservations; you may re-schedule once within thirty days of your original event date.